Why you'll love it

  • Ready to use

    pour and mix

    Stop spending your precious time cutting and juicing lemons or limes. Just open a bottle of Sūpāsawa and bring your magic recipe to life. It's SŪPĀ easy!

  • Long shelf life

    up to 1 year after opening

    While freshly squeezed lemon or lime juice only lasts you about two days, Sūpāsawa can be used for up to 2 years after production and 1 year after opening.

  • sustainable


    No more shipping citrus fruits from the other side of the world. And bye-bye to bin bags full of peels. Trust Sūpāsawa to reduce the carbon footprint of all your delicious drinks.

  • 0,0% alc.

    100% sour

    With a pH of 1.95, Sūpāsawa gives your drinks the perfect sour bite without adding any bit of alcohol. The bartender's solution for all cocktails, with or without alcohol.

  • Balanced & clear

    Unlike lemons or limes, Sūpāsawa 's flavour is not affected by the moment of juicing or the ripeness of the fruit. It always tastes the way you want it to. Plus, it's crystal clear!

  • Lower

    beverage cost

    A little goes a long way – just a few ml is all you need to perfect your drinks. Save on ingredients, shipping costs and work hours (no more cutting and squeezing!)

  • Belgian


    Your seriously sour cocktail mixer is born, raised and made in Belgium. But don't worry: Sūpāsawa is available worldwide, wherever you are.